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With the Matchbox Action Drivers Matchbox Fire Station Rescue Playset, kids drive the adventure and emulate the work of real-life rescue heroes by putting out fires and saving the day! This epic playset features a training tower with a pretend fire that pops up, and kids must drive their cars through the tower to put it out. Lights and sounds are activated by pushing cars around on the set. It includes one 1:64 scale firetruck and is a thrilling gift for kids 3 and older. Colors and decorations may vary.


  • ​The Matchbox Action Drivers Matchbox Fire Station Rescue Playset features incredible details and realist designs that make this an identifiable location for kids in their storytelling adventures
  • ​Kids control the action as they navigate the inner workings of the fire house to put out fires and be the hero of their own adventure
  • ​There are track connection points on all four side of the set so that kids can connect to other Matchbox playsets or to Hot Wheels City sets for an epic build of their own design
  • ​Every fire station needs a firetruck, and this one is no different. One 1:64 scale firetruck is included to inspire heroic push-around play
  • ​This thrilling and exciting playset is a great gift for kids 3 and up and for collectors who love the innovation of the Matchbox brand


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