Loyalty Program


Attention: If you are a local retail store customer and created an account on mytobbies.com; Please email us at [email protected] and we will merge your accounts.


Who is eligible to earn points?

All My Tobbies – Toys & Hobbies (local and mytobbies.com) customers who choose to sign up to our loyalty program are eligible. When product(s) are returned, points will be deducted for those item(s) returned. My Tobbies employees and sponsored team members are not eligible for loyalty program.

*Orders placed through third-party sites such as eBay, Amazon are not eligible to earn points.


What is the required information?

We require basic information such as your name, last-name, phone number and e-mail address. Birthday is an optional information, but you can earn extra points for entering your birthday (see below).


How to earn points?

For every $1 spent at My Tobbies – Toys & Hobbies, customers will earn 1 point excluding taxes and/or shipping fee. You will receive a one time 50 points as a welcome gift once signed up to our loyalty program. You can also earn extra 50 points for adding your birthday.  

All VIP customers will earn 1.5x points for every $1 spent.


Do Loyalty points expire?

No, your earned points are yours to keep, and they never expire.


How to redeem earned points?

Points may be used for future purchases and may only be used for a discount off purchase amount that is equal to and/or greater than the total Loyalty points reward amount at the checkout page. Reward amount used to purchase products are non-refundable for product returns. Reward points are non-transferable. Other restrictions or exclusions may apply.


LOYALTY POINTS                                REWARDS

200 points

$5.00 off of your purchase.

750 points

$20.00 off of your purchase.

1400 points

$40.00 off of your purchase.

5000 points

$150.00 off of your purchase.

12000 points

$400.00 off of your purchase.


We also send limited-time rewards such as Birthday Reward** and Sign-up Anniversary Reward. These rewards will be delivered via Text and/or email and they have expiration. If not used within the intended time period, they will disappear and can not be re-issued.


** If you did not enter your birth date in our loyalty program prior to your birthday, you will not receive this limited time reward.


Important: If you forgot to log in and have checked out as “Guest”, please send us an email at [email protected] along with a short message and your order number. We will issue your points within 7 business days.



By signing up to My Tobbies – Toys & Hobbies loyalty program you accept receiving occasional marketing material where we may send reminders, coupons, specials or as simple as a blog. My Tobbies – Toys & Hobbies reserves the right to make changes to the loyalty program at any time without notice. We also keep the right to revoke any individual whose actions found contemptible.