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Rc Car Gyro Steering Stabiliser.

A gyro, "damps" or reduces unwanted movement, movement that you didn't input with the transmitter. It senses uncommanded angular direction changes, and reduces the chassis angular movement by sending a signal to the steering servo to counteract the unintended angular change.

  • Gyroscopically controlled stability control for your RC car. It senses drift and helps maintain car on course.
  • Completely automatically steers your car for you but does not hamper your normal steering inputs
  • Gain (strength) is adjustable.
  • Precisely maintains vehicle direction regardless of track conditions or outside forces
  • Adds incredible stability which makes your car easier to drive faster
This Mini Gyro Module is specially designed for RC toys, which is used for drift drive control of advanced ultra-compact car.
Single-stage gain sensitivity adjustment.
Material: Plastic
Item Size: 1.8 * 3 * 0.85cm
Weight: 7g
Operating Voltage: 4.8V-6V
Power Consumption: 10mA (4.8V)
Operating Temperature: -5 Celsius~60 Celsius
Package List:1piece  Gyro Module
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