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Furitek Avatar 4WS Micro 4CH Transmitter & Receiver System

Furitek Avatar 4-Channel Micro Radio and Receiver System With 4-Wheel Steering Support. Designed and built on the successful and proven Avatar system, this Avtar 4WS implements a four-wheel steering function with an easy to control side knob for a supreme one or two-handed control making this transmitter the ultimate upgrade for your 4WS applications!

Other Features like telemetry support that allow the voltage to be displayed on the TX monitor and full configuration adjustments to be made for all Furitek ESC’s parameters, Endpoint, EPA and Expo on the TX without the need to open the phone app! While the dual user’s configuration switches allow you to select multiple functions such as low-speed or lock function allowing you to have full control over all the functions in the palm of your hands!



  • Supports telemetry allowing voltage to be displayed on the TX monitor, full configuration for all Furitek ESC’s parameters on the TX without the need to open the phone app
  • Supports 4WS control with easy and simple operation
  • Supports configuring Endpoint, EPA and Expo just like on bigger trucks
  • Servo output can be set up to 400Hz
  • Very small size receiver for tight space installation
  • Removable handle to allow compact packaging on the go for transmitter
  • Built-in Bluetooth for continuous firmware update from Furitek
  • One-hand operation capability thanks to its compact size
  • Dual user’s configuration switches to select multiple functions such as low-speed or lock function, also continuously update by Furitek firmware, free for lifetime
  • RX bind button quick and easy binding process


  • Frequency Protocol: 2.4GHz
  • Range: 164-492ft (50-150m)
  • Channels: 4-Ch
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): (137x162x68.6)mm
  • Weight: 127g
  • Antenna Type: Built-in Single Antenna
  • Telemetry Support: RSSI, Voltage, RPM, Config Furitek ESC


  • (1) Avatar Radio System w/4 Wheel Steering Support
  • (1) Avatar (RX) 4-Chnnels Receiver Unit

Needed to Complete:

  • (4) (AAA) Batteries


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