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Furitek 1/24 Rampart Monster Truck with Full CNC Machined Chassis

The Furitek 1/24 Rampart CNC Machined Monster Truck Full Chassis Kit has been designed to give you rock stomping force in 1/24 size. This small scale monster truck features a full aluminum chassis, metal drivelines, double friction shocks, high clearance links and metal ring and pinion gears. Many different anodized colors are available for you to choose from. Get the Furitek 1/24 Rampart Monster Truck and experience true to scale performance.

The chassis and many of the components are made from CNC machined aluminum. The servo mount and steering links are made from aluminum for a more rigid steering system. Ceramic ball bearings are use within the axle housings for a smoother drivetrain. The center skid plate is designed specifically for the Furitek Rocketman Transmission with Godzilla Motor (FTK-FUR-2097 - not included). The axles are equipped with 7mm hexes to mount to the scale wheels of your choice.


  • Full CNC machined chassis
  • Full metal drivelines, axle shafts and ring and pinion gears
  • Machined aluminum servo mount and steering links
  • Ceramic ball bearings
  • Designed specifically for the Furitek Rocketman Transmission with Godzilla Motor (FTK-FUR-2097 - not included)
  • Uses standard 7mm hexes
  • Available in multiple anodized colors


  • (1) Furitek 1/24 Rampart CNC Monster Truck Kit

Needed to Complete:

  • (1) Micro Servo
  • (1) Micro ESC
  • (1) Transmission
  • (1) Motor:
  • 1/24 Monster Truck Wheels and Tires
  • 1/24 Monster Truck Body
  • Misc. Building Tools

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