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EM Performance Products is proud to offer its new Hub High Speed Plate. This sturdy hub plate is made following all industrial standards and tolerances, allowing you to use Traxxas Revo patter spur gears where you need them. You can select any Revo pattern spur gear like 31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42 t mod . You can use original Traxxas spur gears or hard steel aftermarket Traxxas spur gears. The idea behind this hub plate is to give you more gearing options, you can use small spur gears like 34t mod1, or big gears like 42t mod1. You can even use 1:1 gearing like 34/34. We make these hub high speed plates in many different measurements typically 5mm, 6mm and 8mm shaft hole. To install this hub adapter in your shaft you might need to do a little flat spot in your shaft, every application and case is different. You can even do a double flat spot because our hub adapter has double lock screw. You can use this hub plate to use a different spur gears and you can use it in your motor as well, to use spur gears like pinion gears. The possibilities are endless. This is the name of the most comun RCS that can use this product: Mugen MGT7, OFNA GTP, OFNA GTP2E, OFNA X3, OFNA DM1, OFNA DM1E, OFNA DIRT OVAL,OFNA BUGGY LX1 and LX2, Kyosho inferno GT, Kyosho inferno GT2, Serpent Cobra GT, Serpent 960, Serpent 966, Losi buggy, Traxxas Rustler, etc, etc…

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