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ZGMF-X56S/A Force Impulse Gundam RG 1/144 Model Kit, from "Gudam SEED DESTINY"

The Real Grade version of the Force Impulse Gundam from "Gundam SEED Destiny" features an Advanced MS Joint system in the Core Splendor and chest assembly. The model has been meticulously engineered for color separation allowing all its subtle color hues to be perfectly recreated along with its combining gimmick with the Chest, Leg, and Force Silhouettes. Waist features a drop down gimmick for the legs to increase range of motion while arms feature rotation on 2 different axis to reduce parts from interfering with each other. In keeping with the focus on Real world machines, the Force Silhoutte wings are modeled after real world aircraft and fold away in a unique manner.

Includes Beam rifle, 2 knives, 2 beam sabers, expanding shield, and multiple hand parts.

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