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The PPS Kraton 8s Motor mount insert! 

This gorgeous piece of High quality 6061 T6 USA Made Aircraft Grade Aluminum is for motors with 30mm bolt spacing only. It replaces the factory insert and gives you much more range in the factory mount.

Compatible with either 20mm or 30mm long motor shafts
UP TO a 62mm motor. 62mm is tight, but it fits. The 60mm Castle Creations 2028 fits beautifully.
UP TO a 44t pinion on the factory 47t spur. TTC Range (Something I am about to try make a thing) Or Total Tooth Count will be 66-91 teeth. That means any combination of gearing that adds up to a total between 66-91 teeth will fit. (30t spur, 61t pinion =91... or 51t spur 40t pinion=91... 47t spur 19t pinion=66) This way you can figure out what will and won't fit quick and easy!

As for the pinion, my mount insert will run down to the factory sized pinion on the factory size spur. If you get a high kv motor that needs 30mm spacing, and also needs to run smaller gears, or you have switched to a smaller spur gear, you don't have to worry about an insert that is meant ONLY for big gears! 

As for the up to 44t, I didn't want to go so large that the centerline of the shaft of the motor hung outside of the frame. If I went with an even larger pinion, it would be. When you change the center of mass beyond that point things can get wonky. So I went as far as I felt comfortable, and it turned out a 44t pinion would fit in that space. I know people do get silly with their setups, but if you plan to run a pinion larger than 44t on the stock spur, I do recommend you looking at a full replacement mount. If you do need more gear however, swapping over to a smaller spur gear will open up a whole new world of gearing options that will be compatible with this insert! 

This insert includes a custom non marring top strap clamp with M4 Socket Head Cap Screws. The motor to plate socket head cap screws will also be included. (The incorrect screws are used in one the product photos, but that was all that was on-hand at the time). The third, lower screw will be a brand new factory style wide button head screw. It's just what fits without chassis modifications. 

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