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Modern chargers can charge extremely fast, but discharging is usually a much slower process - not to mention stressful for the charger. The Sky RC BD200 solves this problem.

This compact discharger is capable of 200W discharging - that's up to 30A on 2S packs. Allows quick, simple and accurate placement of unused LiPo packs in storage, cycling new batteries, or doing capacity tests, making this is a valuable piece of equipment. It displays real time battery voltage, discharged capacity and discharge current.

Accepted Voltage Range: 5.40-35.00V
Low Voltage Alert: <5.2V
High Voltage Alert: >35V
Max. Discharge Power: 200W
Discharge Current Range: 0.01A-30.00A
Current Consumption in Sleep Mode: <100uA
Standby Current: <35mA
Current Display Accuracy: 0.01-10.00A +/-60mA
Current Display Accuracy: 10.00-30.00A +/-2%
Voltage Display Accuracy: 5.4-10V +/-60mV
Voltage Display Accuracy: 10-20V +/-120mV
Voltage Display Accuracy: 20-35V +/-160mV
Capacity Display Accuracy: +/-3%
Weight: 858g
Dimension: 36.6x104.8x96mm

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